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Empowering Your Sound in Style!!

Its not just about the groove, its how you feel that makes the groove…. Advance, develop and empower your style with Primas Custom Drums! 

Primas are a British drum company specialising in the production of high end snare drums and full drum kits, with a particular focus on quality tone woods and the best drum shell construction methods.

"I love nothing more than to take a raw natural product in its most simplest form and creatively transform it into something beautiful, adding character and empowering its own voice in the shape of my customers desires" - Eddie Hodgkinson

Our mission at Primas Custom Drums is to work closely with our customers to create  projecting and unique sounding drums that look just as beautiful as they sound.  All our shells are constructed using the most purist and accurate drum shell forms guaranteed to steal the show!

Work with us to turn your dreams into drums!

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handcrafted to perfection

All of our drums are individually crafted in house using the most beautiful tone woods and unique processes. Resulting in a superior sound and build quality!

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superior finishes

Choose from a wide variety of finishes and hardware options. Including; satin oil finish and high gloss polyurethane wood finishes, stains and various wooden and metal hardware options. Work with us to find the best combination for you!

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Superior sound and quality

Whether you choose one of our stock models or head stright for the custom shop, the quality and sound of our stave and segmented contructed shells will outmatch any mass produced ply drum shell on the market.

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