About us


Dedication - Knowledge - Customer service

Our mission at Primas Custom Drums is to provide our customers with a projecting and powerful distinguished sound with a unique and beautiful look, constructed using the most purist drum shell forms guaranteed to steal the show.

By working closely with our drummers and carefully hand selected tone woods, we craft our creations to bring you the best sonic properties and unique drums.

How did it all start?

As not only a student of drums but a former student of the guitar, people often asked me; why choose the drums as the instrument to pursue? the answer to this question is simple... I love the power and rhythmic connection playing the drums gives me! Playing drums takes me somewhere emotionally different and empowers something different inside.. the inner alpha maybe!? Hence the creation of the brand Primas Custom Drums. 

Primas Custom Drums is the product of a pursuit of a better method and many years in development of many different skillsets.

Firstly and most importantly; I have been playing drums in excess of 20 years in various bands and projects, both live and in the studio. This valuable experience teamed with a background in mechanical engineering, fine wood working and a natural curiosity for how things are made, progressed into producing my first drum back in 2015 with great success. Since then, many hours of work, experimentation and testing has enabled me to produce some phenomenal drums. I am now in the position where I am ready to share my creations with the world and give drummers the opportunity to own some of the highest quality drums available, steering away from mass produced ply drum shells.



What this means to our customers 

At Primas Custom Drums our eye for detail, unquestionable quality and dedication to customer service are the foundations for everything we do.

Believe in a better method! At Primas Custom Drums we have deep passion to work with our customers to create wonderful masterpieces with beautiful tone woods from its simplest forms; resulting in a true, unique and powerful sound and feel. We provide an opportunity to possess a higher quality and a superior alternative to abundant mass produced drum shells with a completely custom service.