A brief insight into our construction methods

Our Shell Construction methods

Here at Primas Custom Drums our focus is on the two best types of shell construction... Stave and Segmented. These two methods are the most preferable due to their superior tonal properties, stability and endless configurations to achieve a wide range of characteristics. (for more info on tone wood and shell selection, see our tone wood and shell selection guide)

Every drum we make starts its life as a flat board. It is then cut down to in to staves or segments, carefully calculating the widths and angles to achieve the final shell size. 

Each segment or stave is cut to a fine tolerance to achieve a perfect fit.

Once all segments or staves have been cut, each one is dressed and checked before gluing;

Once fully cured and stable, the final machining process commences!! 

 Each drum shell is machined to a fine radial tolerance of +/- 0,150mm. 

Once Machining is complete, various stages of sanding and finishing are completed to achieve the desired finish. Whether that may be a high gloss finish, a satin finish or stain, etc. 

The next stage is then to carefully and accurately drill the shell in preparation for the hardware to be installed. The snare beds and bearing edges are then cut to the customers requirements and a finish is applied to the inside and the edges of the drum. 

Finally, the hardware, badge, snare wires and drum heads are installed, along with a final quality check and tuning! 

Wenge Zebrano Bubinga custom snare drum

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