The Uakari Series

The Uakari Series

The Uakari Series combines the projection and sound qualities of stave, teamed with beautiful exotic veneers and exciting high gloss finishes! 

Shell construction

Each shell is individually crafted using the highest quality tone woods and unrivalled methods. The Uakari shell is usually a 20 or 24 piece stave construction, depending on the width of the raw planks to minimise wastage to be as environmentally considerate as possible. In addition, not only do both Ash and Maple have great tonal attributes, Ash and Maple are two of the most sustainable tone woods available!

Each and every shell is engineered to the finest detail. The shell boasts a 12mm thick shell and available in 14x6.5". This combination results in a highly versatile, projecting and focused sound!


The Uakari Series is available in either;

  • Aqua Transition
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Psychedelic Violet

(all high gloss)


The Uakari Series features;

  • Chrome die cast hardware - 10 Lug
  • Drumworks Strainer
  • Evans Drumheads and Puresound snare wires

Tone Wood Options

Ash Stave w/Tamo Ash Veneer

  • Controlled
  • Warm with boosted low end and warm mids
  • Solid attack
  • Performs well across all tuning ranges, excels in the lower end

Maple Stave w/Birdseye Maple Veneer

  • Balanced
  • Delivers an even spread of lows, mids and highs
  • Responsive
  • Excellent sensitivity and sustain

All our shells are individually crafted to perfection, using only the finest materials and processes. Every shell we make must pass our stringent quality checks to ensure only the finest quality shells leave our shop. Each and every shell is crafted to the finest tolerances. Select your preferred tone wood option along with two types of shell construction and numerous selected sizes available to fine tune the overall sound and feel of your drums.

All our drums come complete with a Certificate of Ownership, Quality Control Record and After Care and Maintenance Guide. 

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4 products