The Silverback Series

The Silverback Series

AKA "The Gigger"

The Silverback series feature selection of beautifully crafted stave drums.  

The Silverback Series are focused and authentic in terms of style and sound, with their natural woody texture and simplistic style. Each drum is individually crafted using the most purist and projecting drum building method - Stave. The Silverback Series are designed to be projecting, focused and full bodied whilst maintaining a simplistic and subtle approach.  

Stave drums by nature, have a thunderous projection and attack! Our Silverback series are very much 'to the point", but with the addition of triple flanged hoops, rolls back some of the aggression compared to their Barbary Series counterpart.  Silverback Series snare drums have a reasonably short, sharp attack and a short decay - resulting in a focused and refined sound!  Although overtones are present, they are controlled and focused, allowing more scope for fine-tuning the overall sound of the drum.

The Black Walnut variant produces a sound that is aggressive, warm and woody, performing excellently at all tuning ranges.

The Mahogany variant produces a sound that is warm and fat with boosted mids, performing excellently at all tuning ranges. For that classic Mahogany sound and high end features, this snare drum makes for a wonderful package.

The Padauk variant produces a sound that is projecting, bright and yet still maintains a "full bodied" sound, performing excellently at all tuning ranges; excelling in the higher tuning range. 

  • Construction - Stave 12mm
  • Tone wood - Black Walnut, Mahogany or Padauk
  • Finish - Open Grain Satin Finish
  • Hardware colour - Black Nickel or Chrome
  • Bearing edges and snare beds - Small round over outer, large 45 degree inner, Primas snare beds 
  • Hardware spec -8 Lug - ST80 double point lugs, 3,2 triple flanged hoops, Drumworks throw and Butt, Pure sound snare wires and Evans drumheads
*Note- Made to order. If not in stock, usually despatched within 2 weeks. 

    All our shells are individually crafted to perfection, using only the finest materials and processes. Every shell we make must pass our stringent quality checks to ensure only the finest quality shells leave our shop. Each and every shell is crafted to the finest tolerances. Select your preferred tone wood option along with numerous selected sizes available to fine tune the overall sound feel of your drums.

    All our drums come complete with a Certificate of Ownership, Quality Control Record and After Care and Maintenance Guide. 


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