The Bonobo Series
The Bonobo Series
The Bonobo Series
The Bonobo Series
The Bonobo Series
The Bonobo Series

The Bonobo Series

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AKA "The Tourer"

The Bonobo series feature selection of beautifully crafted segmented drums.  

The Bonobo Series are very much authentic in terms of style and sound, with the natural woody texture and their tradition and interesting construction. Each drum is individually crafted using the most stable and tonally pleasing drum building method - Segmented. The advantages of the Bonobo Series include their bombproof construction and their beautiful articulate sound, that can be tonally and aesthetically fine tuned with your choice of either; Padauk, Mahogany or Black Walnut. 

The individually crafted segmented construction of the Bonobo Series makes for a quality built and tonally pleasing snare drum that is extremely versatile. Segmented drums by nature, tend to have a "wetter sound' than their stave counter parts, with a slightly more subtle attack, medium sustain and longer decay - resulting in a very much "rounded", tonally pleasing and articulate sound. Although overtones are present, they are controlled and focused; adding to the overall sound of the drum without hindering it.

The Black Walnut variant produces a sound that is aggressive, warm and woody, performing excellently at all tuning ranges.

The Mahogany variant produces a sound that is warm and fat with boosted mids, performing excellently at all tuning ranges. For that classic Mahogany sound and high end features, this snare drum makes for a wonderful package.

The Padauk variant produces a sound that is projecting, bright and yet still maintains a "full bodied" sound, performing excellently at all tuning ranges; excelling in the higher tuning range. 

  • Construction - Segmented 10mm
  • Tone wood - Black Walnut, Mahogany or Padauk
  • Finish - Open Grain Satin Finish
  • Hardware colour - Black Nickel or Chrome
  • Bearing edges and snare beds - Small round over outer, large 45 degree inner, Primas snare beds 
  • Hardware spec -8 Lug - ST80 double point lugs, 3,2 triple flanged hoops, Drumworks throw and Butt, Pure sound snare wires and Evans drumheads

These solid and beautifully constructed shells will stand the test of time “out on the road”. True and honest woody tones with your choice of projection and sustain, complete with your choice of chrome or black nickel hardware..

All our drums come complete with a Certificate of Ownership, Quality Control Record and After Care and Maintenance Guide. 

*Note- Made to order. If not in stock, usually despatched within 2 weeks. 


Why Choose primas

Empowering your sound in style

At Primas Custom Drums we have deep passion to work with our customers to create wonderful masterpieces with beautiful tone woods from its simplest forms; resulting in a true, unique and powerful sound and feel.



Eddie has just sorted me out with a brand new snare and it is absolutely stunning. As usual the craftsmanship is superb, the drum is aesthetically beautiful and the sound is unlike anything else, owing to the custom nature of the build. Eddie is a top professional who seriously knows his stuff - if you're after a custom build Snare or indeed a whole kit - you really cannot go wrong with Eddie and Primas Custom Drums!

Dan Southall
Derby UK

The quality of the drum i purchased from Primas, is unmatched. I reached out after I saw a snare built on a private forum. I was quickly responded to, and my inquiry was handled by the builder! I purchased the snare and was kept apprised during all of the shipping and parcel process. Primas drums took care of me and my order professionally and expeditiously. I look forward to working with them in the future.

blue snare drum
Justin Richards

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Empowering Your sound in style

Whether you choose one of our standard models or go full custom shop; our dedication to quality ensures you only receive the highest standard of workmanship and superior sound quality!

Our most exciting creations come from the vison and ideas of our customers. From concept through to the design and final build, work with us to create something super special and unique to you and your sound!

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